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Here at Oslo Queensland, curtain hardware and tracking systems are our speciality. We offer Consulting Services to architects and interior designers, builders, industry-based suppliers for commercial and residential jobs, including hotels and medical facilities. Along with our extensive industry knowledge we can offer you a service to help you get that project started. From track selection, measure and quoting, supply and installation – Oslo Consulting can provide specialist advice to our larger Customers.

We are committed to both Quality and Cost Effectiveness along with the desire to see jobs done in the best possible way with the right product. Too often we see failures where the wrong track has been selected and we prefer to see less of this.

For Architects and Designers

Specifications, Allowances and Selection

We can help in selecting the right track for an application. You may require assistance in specifying the right curtain track, the correct mounting application, and what allowances are required for the curtains to work properly in their final installation.

We can you help with

  • Curtain Track selection to meet that desired look.
  • Specifying the correct mounting and recess spacings for specified curtains.
  • Comparing the capabilities of different curtain tracks as some tracks can and cannot bend or curve as desired. Some Curtain tracks are not suitable to carry large curtains or span large gaps without suspension.
  • Cost effectiveness of a given application.
  • Comparisons of different Curtain Tracks and the relevant pros and cons for a given project application.
Services for Builders

Consultations and Advice

We can assist you in both track selection and selection of capable suppliers. You may have a group of suppliers offering a range of products and need assistance in defining what is best for your project. We have experience in assisting builders with sorting out the best tracks for their job and our consultants are available to help you.

We will advise if a chosen track is suitable for the given application. For example, a domestic track may not be fit for a commercial application or a given track may not be fit for a wet area.

We can help you to select a supplier, particularly if your job is large. A reputable and reliable supplier that can project manage both supply and installation of tracks and curtains is essential. (Oslo does not supply curtain or installers).

Services for Industry Based Suppliers

Tenders and Scope of Works

We can both help and advise you in a range of areas relating to industry specific applications. We can offer you a service to go over a large scope of work for a commercial job like a medical facility or high-rise complex. Regardless of the size of the job, we’re here to offer you our service.

You may need advice on the suitability of specified curtain tracking. You may require assistance in making suggestions of alternative tracking for winning tenders or for a job you may already have. We can assist you in the programming and timely delivery of a project that you may need help with.

We are looking at providing tailored courses for new salespersons to assist in curtain track selection, measurement and quoting. If you are interested in learning more about our consulting services or courses, please call us to inquire.