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Roller Blinds

Oslo Qld's personal touch on internal roller blinds. From chain driven to Acmeda and Somfy Motorisation


Somfy Glydea

The Glydea™ curtain track system is quiet, discreet, flexible and robust, offering personalised solutions to improve the image, usage and functionality of our customer's environment.


Series 40 Roman Blind System

The Oslo Series 40 Roman and Austrian shade tracking system is designed for the discerning Interior Decorator and Architect and will enhance any home.


Series 50 Milan Curtain Tracking

Known for its versatility, the Milan Curtain track can be used for both commercial and domestic application such as hotels, homes, shops etc. This stylish product comes with the new “Easy Clip” brackets., made with the highest quality aluminium, the track is slim and compact, yet strong and reliable, suitable for conventional and S-Wave curtains.


Series 51 Commercial / Domestic Curtain Tracking

The Oslo Series 51 is a strong commercial and domestic curtain tracking system widely used in homes and heavy use areas such as hotels, motels, hospitals, clubs and shops.


Series 56 Surf Curtain Tracking

The stunning new Series 56 Surf tracking system combines the best features of two of our most popular systems. The ever popular “Easy Clip” bracketing system has been added to the elegant curve of the series 58, making it a must have in your range.


Series 57 Fineline Curtain Tracking

Regularly specified by builders and architects in a range of commercial applications. Series 57 Fineline tracking system provides minimalist looks, while remaining strong for medium weight commercial applications not limited to just hotels and office buildings.


Series 58 Slimline Curtain Tracking

The Oslo Series 58 is an elegant, decorative, slimline curtain tracking system designed to tastefully blend into the ceiling - making it one of the most popular residential tracks available.


Series 59 Flexi Curtain Tracking

The flexibility of the series 59 Flexi Curtain Track allows for installation into areas standard tracks just won’t go. With the ability for tight radius bending of as little as 50mm, this solution provides for installation into tight areas.


Series 61 29mm Curtain Rod

The Oslo Series 61 is a modern 29mm Curtain Rod System with 40mm rings with nylon inserts to avoid damaging the track.


Series 63 Daintree 25mm Curtain Rod Slider

The Oslo Series 63 Daintree 25mm Curtain Rod Slider is the pinnacle of Australian design. Utilising the ever popular Easy-Clip brackets, modern curtains with a pole look has never been easier.


Series 65 Chadwick 29mm Curtain Rod Slider

The Oslo Series 65 Chadwick 29mm Rod Slider Curtain Track system is a stylish tracking system giving the rod look while utilising standard roller runners or clear wave runners.


Series 67 Siena Curtain Tracking

The Oslo Series 67 Siena Curtain Tracking system is a designer track for the modern home. The large 35mm face creates a show piece for any curtain, perfect for that sheer curtain in front of a blind or block out.


Series 70 Recess Curtain Tracking

The Oslo Series 70 Recess Curtain Track is designed for top fixing directly into the Gyprock ceiling lining, with the edge of the Gyprock sitting on the flange of the track so the curtain appears to fall directly out of the ceiling.


Series 74 Venice Curtain Tracking

The Oslo Series 74 Venice curtain tracking system is a versatile, strong and stylish redesign of the out dated Styleline tracking system. This reinvented new track uses the “Easy Clip” bracketing system and is suitable for conventional and S-Wave curtains for Residential and Commercial use.


Series 79 Light Domestic Curtain Tracking

The Oslo Series 79 is a light domestic curtain tracking system which is suitable for most curtain weights. This system can be supplied in both hand and cord operation and is ideal for bay and corner window applications.


Series 81 Turbo Motorised Tracking

The Oslo Series 81 Turbo Curtain Tracking system is a light weight motorised track with stylish slim lines. Featuring the "Easy Clip" brackets that are designed for ease of installation while being concealed from view, the curtain headings sit flush with the ceiling hiding the track while closed.


Series 82 Turbo Powered by Somfy

Pairing the slim line tracking system from the Oslo Series 81 and the discreet but powerful motorisation from Somfy, the Oslo Series 82 offers our most innovative venture yet.


Series 84 Motorised Curtain Tracking

The Oslo Series 84 Motorised Curtain Tracking system is designed to make life easy. With fashionable glass faced remotes and a powerful 100-kilogram operating capacity, this is the go-to motorised tracking system.


Series 85 Acmeda Automate Motorised Curtain Tracking

Designed to incorporate smart technology, this system is easily one of the best options for the modern home.


Series 98 Mini Hospital Tracking

The Oslo Series 98 Mini Hospital Curtain Tracking system can be fixed directly to the ceiling or supported with suspension rods. While mostly utilised for shower screens, the S98 can be taken advantage of due to its rigid design and its ability to be radial bent and suspended from the ceiling.


Series 99 Hospital Tracking

The Oslo Series 99 Hospital Curtain Tracking system provides for a large choice of configurations for bed screens in public and private hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors surgeries. It can be attached directly to the ceiling, wall-to-wall with suspension tube supports or supported solely by suspension tubes.


Curtain Tapes

Oslo Queensland had a variety of accessories, ranging from Curtain Lining Tapes, Workroom Tapes, Loop Fastening Tapes and Transparent Woven Pocket Tape.


Oslo Queensland has a variety of accessories, ranging from Curtain Tapes and Hooks to Warning Labels and Silicone Spray. If you require Flick Sticks, Curtain Weights or anything in between check out the accessories at Oslo.

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